Thursday, March 10

My creative Space...

Look TWO buttons this week! Thats a 100% output improvement guys! Go me!
Unfortunately I decided to just go with my eye and some vague hand span measuring for the spacing on this and what do you know but it's totes wonky. Ach well - I'm just glad that something in my head has eventuated into something real - I'd eventually love to make these out of pure felt and not the blend I'm using. What do you reckon? You got room for a sweet cushion like this on your sofa?

ps. This is the umbrella cushion in the background...

Join in with the lovely Kootoyoo


  1. love these cushions!
    and thanks for your lovely ocmments and encouragement too, you make me all warm and fuzzy! Have an ace day :)
    Pepper x


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