Thursday, September 24

Soft Goods!

Old ratty cusions from the op-shop...

Transformed with an old t-shirt that didn't fit any more..

Another top that I loooved but also didn't fit any more.
I think there's a theme of pink emerging for my living room...


  1. Plushy makeovers, this was a good find. I enjoy what you can do with a cushion :)

    Will you move to grandiose full size pillows when you start getting more ambitious?

  2. EEP! FULL SIZE pillows! Steady on my boy. baby steps!

  3. Do you feel overwhelmed? I won't even mention those bed length pillows..the ones you just know were created with spooning in mind. Or how about those tricky corner shaped pillows. Oh dear...I'd hate to inflict you with a sudden case of vertigo!

    Book...pages...paper...perhaps one day. It's a novel idea. I'm afraid I probably don't possess the attention span needed though. My mind jumps into bed with numerous ideas all over town. Short bursts of creativity seem to be all I'm good for...

    Send a little light my way. Please, you're welcome, thankyou very much :)


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