Saturday, February 26

Things to be thankful for*

* Holiday Holiday Holiday.
* That you get a head massage with a haircut these days as par for the course.
* New hair. (well it feels like it anyway)
* The colour of the boganvillia in our garden. Glorious magenta!
* Watermelon. Sweet glorious magenta!
* Online magazines... satisfying my interior design cravings... for free!
* Icecream with banana and sprinkles.
* Catch ups with uni mates.
* Bumping into long lost friends on the street.
* Kids. Kids shows. Kids laughter.  Adorable.


  1. WOW I LOVE your hair!!!!! Looking HOT! :)

  2. Loving the new 'do! ♥

    And i'm intruiged by your icecream combo, must try it! :)

  3. Lovely! :)
    The hair is looking pretty hawt! :D
    I'll have to share pics of my new cut soon ... once it settles down a bit.


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