Friday, February 25

Link love for Friday...

 * Beautiful doily art on the beach.
* Each tree has it's own garden...
* The Awesome Tropfest winner!
* Marvelously elegant chairs.
* Album art work lego style.
* This papa is capturing his two girls in the cutest way!
* Cute pregnancy series.
* Worlds most liveable cities this year...
* Internet advertising is getting so clever... (be sure to click on a choice)
* Side note
As of today I'm on a weeks holiday... We will be lapping up (and participating in!) the Adelaide fringe and having movie, taco, and chocolate sleepovers with friends. Then delighting in marvelous Melbourne, which I havn't been to in ohhhhhh seven years! I will be trying my best to be penny pinching (think of the mortgage think of the mortgage) but it's gonna be sooooo hard! I may or may not be here... who knows it's a holiday, I'm not making any plans!
Also, thanks so much for visiting my ol' bloggy blog lovely's, it means a lot. For serious. *s*

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  1. yeeeeeeeeeeeeha! happy holidays soph and tim


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