Friday, February 18

Link love for Friday...

* I Love these collage art works!
* City of Sydney faces exhibition.
* Flat pack boat...
* Lovely analogy of different types of blogs out there. What are you? What am I?
* Sweet picture of Barack and Michelle.
* Awesome family photo idea!
* I'm in love with all of these rings.
* More shipping container houses.
* Look at these beautiful illustrations.
* How great is this superhero themed wedding?!
* Photos.. back to the future...
* Oh pretty stationary, you make my heart spin!

Got a spare few hours? Don't know what to do on the internet... there is so much more...


  1. GREAT links. Thanks for sharing x

  2. Hmmm...i can't figure out which type of blogger i am! I would say you're half kitchen and half coffee table :)

    Great links xx


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