Saturday, January 29

Things to be thankful for.

* Really good news which I will share with you on Monday.
* More interstate visitors, which means more reasons to get out and explore.
* Jam. Cream. Together in holy matrimony. Amen.
* Telephones. I know they're annoying but I'd miss people if I couldn't chat with them while Im on lunch at work.
* The empty city streets to cycle down on a midweek public holiday.
* Buskers.
* Movie dates with my boy.
* My boy.
* Laughing so hard you cry.
* The smell of onion cooking.

{Things to be thankful for is a list I started when I began blogging. It helps me reflect on my week and remember all the good things in my life. I would love it if you played along too, leave a link below or comment and link to me on your post. *s*}   


  1. My most favorite thing other than my three kiddies are laughing until I cry.

  2. Excited for your good news!
    Another lovely list for the week. Always love this post x

  3. year, also got me thinking about what the good news might be....

  4. As always you've gathered a wonderful collection of gratitude here.

    Though that 'laughing till you cry' thing is a mixed blessing of mine - I ALWAYS cry when I laugh, so sunscreen and makeup are often not my friends! ;)


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