Sunday, January 30

Flea Market Finds

Okay so not found at the fleas or the thrifts but on the street. We've got some pure gold from the Sydney streets over the last 6 years of living here. Now in our bathroom rests our new-to-us washing machine, it's about a 4 year old LG and it's in perfect working order and completely spotless. Also pictured a gorgeous vintage chest of drawers, not as spotless but nothing a bit of sugar soap and hot water can't fix. The whole thing is solid as and it even has a touch of stripped off paint - I love it when I don't have to apply the rustic touch myself! Score! Thank you back alley. Do you get awesome off the street stuff in your hood?
Sorry for the shoddy iphone pic!
More flea market finds over here...


  1. Awesome freebies!

  2. the streets are the best.
    been a long time i've been out on them, at the right moment that is, actually.
    magic you found!

  3. Fabulous - it's amazing what people throw out. Love the chest of drawers.

  4. I love a good hard rubbish score. And you have definitely scored there!!

  5. you are, as always 'the bestest'!
    washing machine score is oh so lucky, but it's the chest of draws that has my heart a'flutter.
    Rub it down with some fine grade steel wool and lime wash that baby I reckon!

  6. Wow - such great finds!

    We don't seem to have 'hard rubbish' collections in our area, so sadly that means there are no awesome freebies to be had ... I have to console myself with op shop bargains instead! ;)

  7. Ahhh Sydney streets are the best! Well done ;)


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