Thursday, January 27

My creative space...

So this is the felt I bought aggggges ago. I eventually got round to going to spotlight and buying some filling to make these cushions I've had sitting in my head. I've only made two so far, I'm thinking some button decoration needs to happen though... but which ones? Which ones?
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  1. I like the three in a row and manybe some floss running stitches above and below?

  2. Two black or three in a row! Cute cushions ♥

  3. I once made a cushion out of felt as a birthday present for my little brother. I used glitter fabric to paint a space scene on it! I was convinced it was the coolest present ever- a space cushion.
    If the buttons don't work out I'd be happy to show you a thing or two. Haha.
    But in serious, these are lovely Soph, I can imagine happily kicking back for a snuggle on a few. I like just the one big button.

  4. three in a row! love the look of felt cushions xx

  5. OOhhhhh 3 in a row wins it for sure and go you for using your stash!!

  6. Oh lovely!! :)

    I love the three in a row idea too? How about mismatched colours? Or two black with one colour in the middle?

    (I love buttons!).


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