Tuesday, January 4

Cherry Truffles

There's nothing like the birth of an infant in the middle east to bring on an eating frenzy. Oh man. The boy and I made these cherry truffles as part of our gifts for people and may possible have had to taste test a few... ahem, just to make sure... Its like a cherry ripe... in a ball. The recipe is from the Frankie cook book Sweet Treats.
My friend who was a pastry chef taught me the way the proffesionamals coat truffles in their outer chocolate layer. Its messy but so much easier.
Freeze your truffle inners (in this case glace cherrys, condensed milk and coconut oh and a touch of red food dye, rolled in balls) for at least an hour (or you can leave them until you are ready too).
Melt your chocolate (dark for this recipe), let it cool so you can touch it, then cover your hands in it. Roll the truffle balls in your chocolicious hands and drop them in a bowl of cocoa, and have a helper/husband toss the cocoa all over them and set them in a tray.
Because of the freezing the cocolate sets almost straight away, leading to much nicer rounder balls. Huzzah!


  1. Oh yum ... cherry truffles sound and look delicious! Thanks for the tips ... I don't need much excuse to cover my hands in chocolate! ;)

  2. cover my hands in chocolate you say... well ok then, right away!!!


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