Saturday, November 27

Things to be thankful for.

* Fresh fruit juice.
* Safe delivery of the second new baby in the family, Daisy Jane!
* A wedding to enjoy in a week and a bit.
* That my lovely brother will be moving to Sydney soon.
* Crafty projects for my bored hands.
* I'm with a credit union not a bank... big banks here are screwing people over.
* Someone took the time to whisk egg whites and add sugar and discover meringue!
* The smell of roses.
* Echinacea and vitamin C have beaten back that tickle of illness I was feeling.
* Our market stall. So much fun!

{Things to be thankful for is a list I started when I began blogging. It helps me reflect on my week and remember all the good things in my life. I would love it if you played along too, leave a link in the comments and link to me on your post. *s*}  

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  1. Daisy is an adorable name! That watermelon looks fantastic! Weddings are great! Fruit juice is delicious! Great list, all round!! x

  2. That is the prettiest hair and the coolest wreath ever. Plus i'm with you on the meringues. love xx


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