Friday, October 22

Link love for Friday...


 * I have found my dream bicycles. *sigh*
* An essay on procrastination... if y'know.. you wanna kill some time!
* This lovely husband does great things with food.
* There are better ways to camp...
* Abandoned things can be beautiful...
* New favourite jewlery brand... ohh but it is sooo many moneys... atleast we're on parity now though...
* Real portraits on people. Just amazing.
* A stunning and incredible campaign, this is a must see.
* Love these wooden sunglasses.
* This is a great collaboration between Ben Folds and Nick Hornby {via Caz}


  1. i adore those st kilda rings as well. i love the rings with the coloured stones and the snake is just awesome.

    have a fantabulous weekend :)

  2. those rings are gorgeous.

    and that kitchen below... unreal.


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