Thursday, October 21

Interior design proposal

 Being back home reminded me to share a little project I'm tinkering with. It's called: "My parents house". It's a pretty amazing place and they have been doing great things with it. The people who built it originally about 10 years ago didn't really get round to finishing it off though. I'm the type of person that likes control over my space. But. I'm renting. And I'm sharing. So being allowed (thanks ma and pa) to virtually (via email) faff with the decorating and design of my folks place is great fun for me. I've been collecting inspiration pictures, colour swatches and lists of possible products for them for a few months now. They have a large multipurpose room with vaulted ceilings and an amazing view of Australiana fields. Aren't the spaces above gorgeous?
What I decided to do was send them an email package odf the possible changes, step by step, they could do to their kitchen and living area. Because it's so big it's hard to pick a colour, so I sent swatches for them to try. I also made a table showing how they could work out the cost of the re-do.

More creativity here....


  1. I love these three inspiration shots... You can do over my place anytime. Do you come with a budget?@!
    Lucky you

  2. virtual interior design? i want to go back to uni and major in this! your parent's house will love amazing when you're done.

  3. Love those images. As I'm currently pouring over extension plans I'm loving all thing interiors at the moment.

  4. what an awesome daughter you are! you've got some great pics to get them started, i love that last picture of the kitchen.

  5. Having helped a lot of homes with home packing services, I would just like to say that more people should opt for cupboards in their kitchens. There'd be a ton of dust on your plates if you don't!


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