Monday, October 11


The countdown has begun. Two weeks until our first proper holiday since getting back from O/S. We are going to sunny Brisbane. I've never been before, so what I need to know is... what's good to do in Brisbane? Who's been? Movie world or Wet n wild? And could it please stop raining up there already?


  1. We're going to sunny Brisbane in 3 weeks! How funny! I'll wait eagerly for your report when you return so that I know what's what when I get there!

  2. Sunny brisbane is not sunny lately =(. Ditto the stop raining commment! ha.
    They have a three park pass which is a good idea!! You must do the beaches, the hinterland, the bay...

  3. fun! I've only ever been to Brisbane for work so didn't see more than the exhibitions centre or southbank but really enjoyed the small bits i did see. enjoy!

  4. - have a picnic in new farm park nearby the Brisbane Powerhouse.
    - go for a wonder or if your feeling fit - hike up Mt Cootha - amazing sunset/or even night time views
    - movie world has more entertainment but wet'n'wild is good for a pool day out.
    - go to GOMA not only a interesting new building but good art too
    - bike along the river around to kangaroo point
    - Queen St is your shopping mall (city centre) but New Farm/Paddington or Fortitude Valley has more interesting shops - nick nacks and simple made stuff.
    -See a band play at Ric's Bar - in Fortitude Valley
    - Southbank is cheap movies
    - westend has good cafes to :)

    Hope this might help :)

  5. Ooo I *might* be going too after finishing uni, Andres has a service he has to do and wants me to come along.

    I would say you HAVE to go to wet n' wild it is amazing fun. Can you get one of those deals for the three parks? maybe it will be cheaper that way too, it is hard to pick between movie world and wet n' wild :/

  6. Ohhh thank you Leanne and SarakK That's exactly the kind of tips I'm after. Stay tuned to find out more ;)

  7. We're having coffee right? RIGHT?

    In other news, you asked a while back for reccommendations and I totally dropped the ball. THAT SAID, I'm here now to make up for it.
    Kylie from wrote an awesome city guide for Brisbane over at Design Sponge. She listed all the best spots so there you go!
    It also features the cute bonus of she and I chatting for the first time ever in the comments. Awwww.

    See you soon!

  8. oh yay! brisbane is fabulous (and not sunny at all at the moment)!

    west end had wonderful places to eat. gun shop cafe has the best breakfast in brisbane and the three monkeys is a funky little place with yummy simple food (these are just opposite each other).

    definately go to GOMA - they have an amazing valentino exhibition on at the moment!

    i prefer movie world over wet'n'wild (especially in this weather) but it depends if you are a water park girl or more roller coasters.

    have a fabulous time :) xx


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