Wednesday, October 13


Sometimes it's hard to comprehend the phobias and fears that others feel. I for one know people who are scared of feet, another who is scared of bellybuttons and another who is scared of having their neck touched. Strange but true. All this inspired another list, or two actually. Because while recognising fears I thought it important to recognise braveries too.

Things I am afraid of:
* Magpies, mostly just in Spring though.
* Drowning. You won't catch me on a submarine. Ever.
* Car doors opening on me while I'm cycling.
* Being shouted at.
* Spiders.
* Uncooked meat.
* Teenagers en masse.
* Parallel parking. Actually, any parking.
* Marine life... jellys, tadpoles, fishys - nice to look at but don't let them touch me!
* Stuff getting caught under my nails.
* Scary movies. Won't watch them.

Things I am not afraid of:
* Power tools.
* Animals (with the exception of the ones listed above).
* Cycling fast down hill.
* Roller coasters.
* Roller skates.
* Babies.
* Trying new things.
* Getting caught in the rain.
* Being honest (this is a new one for this year).
* Needles.
* Snakes.

And you my dear readers?

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  1. I am scared of:
    the neck thing mentioned
    being thought of as selfish
    children who sing well

    and not scared of:
    growing older (I hope)
    getting dramatic haircuts
    trying new things (this is a good one)

    cheers Soph', once again, you're a gem.

  2. i know a girl scared of the stickers that are apples. i'm scared of many things, some listed here (magpies)but another one would be regret. i'm afraid of not doing things and looking back in life and wishing i had.

  3. Soph, a very timely post for me! I totally hear you on the teenagers en masse fear and I've also known a few people with the neck phobia but I think I'd have to agree with Jaclyn about regret - it's a biggie and I'm trying to cure it with as much bravery as I can muster. Thanks for the reminder:) x

  4. I am also scared of magpies and crows! they are just scary

  5. Thanks for sharing lovelies! I hear you with regret, but Carlynne I would put growing older in the afraid section for me! I'm working on that one!

  6. I have learned the ways of Magpie scariness. Thankfully I evaded all attacks this spring (thus far at least) but I have gotten some serious bird-based dirty looks.

    Why are they so grumpy?

    Also, I am terrified of babies.


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