Thursday, September 16

My creative space...

 Well in celebration of my *50th* follower *the crowd goes wild*, I decided to go into combat with the sewing machine again. I'd left off on this little project because a) the pink fabric was all slippery and annoying and b) my sewing skills aren't as whizz bang as I think they are. I know what I need to do it's just my big clumsy fingers (more on that another time) don't control the fabric very well, and my need for speed is not condusive to straight lines.. le sigh... However I'm hoping my *50th* follower will be obliging in that she is my third cousin twice removed or something random like that and they have turned out to be rather happy little flags.
The fabric is second hand in a dusty pink satin and a light blue cotton drill. The sewing is in yellow and blue threads, along green ribbon.

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  1. It looks so much like up coming summer - and ours just faded. Best, Antje

  2. ah the good old sewing machine combat, i'm a veteran! congrats on the milestone and such a great project!

  3. Go Team! It's nice to know people love you :)
    and well done one completion of your 'ill show you sewing machine' bunting.

  4. What a pretty project! Here's to many more followers :)


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