Friday, September 17

Link love for Friday...

Ohhh I've been quite the hoarder this week.. so much good stuff to share!
* And I thought I made good jelly... how about an entire city made from it?

* Are you happy with this? - Stamps of dissaproval.

 * For the child that wants a pony... but lives in a town house perhaps?

* A scrummy list of comfort reads.

* A bomb squad blow up a toy horse... only in the US.

* The prettiest light bulbs I ever did see.

* Incredible photographs that will make you feel small... be sure to check out his other work too.

* Mmmm lists... *drool*

* Ahhhhmazing bike sculptures.

* Naughty language warning, but very funny for designers out there... {via}

* Two cute outdoorsy weddings,and here...

* DIY potholder! Check it out here...

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  1. Those stamps are just dreadful aren't they! The stamp designer needs a stamp for her : RETHINK

    Could you imagine the potential damage these stamps could achieve. WOuld they be accompanied by animal stamps for littler kids - eg triple skunk stamps for extra stinky efforts!


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