Wednesday, August 25

Sydney's best Op shop...

Well I am completely loath to let this one out of the bag, because, as we all know, there are no cheap 'n' fabulous op shops left in inner Sydney anymore. All but one (to my knowledge) has been sifted through by "vintage store" folks to sell for 12 times the price. However, if you wander down to Wooloomooloo, the dodgy end of it, on Forbes street you will find Hopestreet's op shop. And it is full of gold. Except right now it might not be because I just visited... but they refill every week. Here are my recent acquisitions from this tiny awesome Op shop.

Very cool set of 4 1950's Mally cannisters
A cute neck tie and
A VERY 90's denim, zip dress, that I am still contemplating whether to wear in public... it's a bit more errr... "figure hugging" than my usual attire!

ps. That cool cat Curbside is talking about sharing op shop love... so I thought I'd spill. I was just going to show you my spoils... but Hopestreet does pay my boys wages too, so I have a vested interest in you visiting! Enjoy!


  1. Oooooh I will be in Sydney in December, duly noted and empty suitcase at the ready!

  2. Dangerous, giving your tips away like that!
    Kidding aside, great finds! I love the vintage kitchen containers.

  3. funny i empty out my local op shop every week too! but it's not a secret spot, a vinnies, but prices are still good. will def pop down to check this one out (just hope its before your visit!) thanks!

  4. Ohhh letters how lovely! Yes do bring an empty suitcase or two! Let me know if you want any other Sydney tips!
    Shilo: I'm going to Brissy in October... got any return tips?!
    Kitty: Which Vinnies do you go to?! Do pop by, it's a wonderful community there (and its not really dodgy, just different to the rest of swanky sydney)
    Thanks for commenting lovely people!

  5. I love those canisters. It's nice to see them in such good condition. The scarf is lovely too, the dress........kind of has me thinking of country music, big hair and even bigger heels ;P

  6. Estelle, I totally hear you on the dress! Hubby said I should top it off with a denim jacket - I threw up in my mouth a little bit! I think there may be some 90's grunge fantasy thing going on - overshare much?!


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