Tuesday, August 24

From little things...

The best thing about planting seeds is that you have to plant more than you need because you never know how many will crop and then you get to give the excess away! We have broccoli, pumpkin and cucumber growing like crazy, so I sent these little guys over to my neighbour. It's such a wonderful thing to give some one a plant that you've grown. I left them on the doorstep and the next day I found a punnet of rocket seedlings on my doorstep in return!
Also, these happy little guys are growing on our kitchen windowsill! Aren't they cheery?!


  1. your garden looks amazing! congrats on all of the flowers and veggies. i'm in awe.

  2. oh how exciting!! i look forward to seeing all the vegie progress :)

    kel x

  3. I'd like to see you try and plant those baby pumpkins into your hanging shoe rack garden.......Thats totally a dare.


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