Friday, August 27

Link love for Friday...

A veritable cascade of links for you today! Get clicky!

Awesome bike idea! Glowing tyres.

If you have 5 minutes for some art, have a look at this beautiful video.

A beautiful engagement story.

I wish my doodles were this poignant...

100 Free font's you should have!

Dumpsters turned into swimming pools = awesome.

Beautiful poem called How To Be Alone. {via Delightful}

Like pencils, Like art? Here's your chance to contribute to this hanging installation!

Strangers on the street are asked to pose together for a photo, but the rule is they have to be touching. The results are strangely lovely.. {via my friend Adam}


  1. Nice. I just downloaded a bunch of those typefaces. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Yay.....I got a mention on your blog.

    I heart you.


  3. Hello! just dropping by to say g'day :D can't remember how I came across your blog but it is amazing, love it

  4. Shilo: No worries!
    Adam: My sweet! Back atchya!
    Kayha: Oh my! Well hello and why thank you!

  5. just found your blog - such a lovely little space, so glad i found it!

  6. thanks for stopping by - my camera is nothing fancy, just a canon powershot but i try and pretty up some of the photos as best i can with my beginner skills using

  7. I love that last image, it is so true! Oh, and I'm loving your blog :)

  8. That top photo is pretty genius. And I love that illustration. One of my biggest pet peeves is music while I'm on hold. It's either half off the station, awful music, too quiet or really loud, or all of the above.
    Let's see make me wait and torture me while you do it. Seems like a good way to improve customer relations;)


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