Thursday, August 26

Etsy treasure

How cute are these little guys?! I may have become slightly besotted with my Etsy account and entered into a whole world of financial danger! Mmmm baking goods... I could shop for days. However, I won't (sweet husband) because these 4 mini tins of happyness have sated my appetite. You should check out Marcy's shop of goodies at Rhan Vintage she has so much great stuff and it's all very nicely priced! She was a dream shop owner to buy from and they arrived promptly to my door. Now... what to bake in them first?!


  1. They are cute as a button! I love a good baking utensil too.

  2. oooh if I could steal those I would.......I'm a tad obsessed with bakeware and I love heart tins, they're like crack to me!

    I think you should bake little individual clafoutis in them.

  3. Caz: I've been buying up cute cupcake cases like no tomorrow!
    Estelle: Okay so I just had to look up what a clafoutis was! You posh thing you! They sound delicious and frenchy.. .which as we know in blog world are two very good things!

  4. Amazing how I find the things that make me happy. I loved looking over your blog and found it where? Oh yes on Etsy where you favorited someone that made me look at your profile that made me look at your blog and its fun!! I've just started blogging and it's always difficult to know how much to share mixed in with the things I create. It feels like opening my journal to the world. I guess what I'm saying is I want to express the feelings and then have misgivings when I do. Ever run into that?

  5. posh? Oh Sophie, if only you were even slightly correct.


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