Thursday, July 8


My friend Loren inspired this post.

1 the number of days in my weekend
3 the number of days I would like in my weekends
4 the number of bikes I have had stolen
5 the number of pens my husband keeps in all of his bags at any one time
6 the number of antique light bulbs I have in my collection
8 the number of hours sleep I need a night
20 the number of cousins I have
25 the number of years I have lived
30 the number of performances of this show left
55 the number of blogs I follow!
100 the number of penguin postcards I now own (though 2 have already flown the nest...)
260 the number of blog posts I have written!
300 the number of things I would LIKE to purchase from Etsy...



  1. just because I don't think you're on the computer enough young lady, I'm tagging you for a game of 10 questions!
    The questions are on my tag post if you're up for it (give you something to do with all that spare time)


  2. It's not my fault! I operate lights in a theatre - I can do my job AND be on the computer!... or I could be reading a book... ahem. Okey dokey, computer it is. *s*


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