Friday, July 9

Food blogs

Since becoming a blogger a couple of my internet habits have changed. One of these is that I don't often use google when I'm searching for images or recipes anymore... I use blogs.
These are some food blogs you should be reading if you like food.
I really like food.

Smitten Kitchen.

Of course. This blog has been going on for aggggges and so there are stacks of recipes. This is now my first port of call (if recipe books aren't to hand).

she eats bears.
 This little blog caught a whole extra load of attention when it was featured on Black*Eiffel a while back. Her recipes are great, photos lovely and she often makes vegetarian dishes.

Eat make read

The cocktails are fabulous on this blog. It makes me want a liqueur collection! Plus she has great detailed and often healthy recipes.

Sprouted kitchen
Ah-mazing food photography and fancy vego food. But the pictures are non share-y so you'll have to see for yourself.

*All photos are property of the blogs they are listed with.

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  1. ooh, thank you for the links - I really like food too. She Eats Bears looks like just my cup of tea, brilliant to find it!


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