Tuesday, July 6

24hr holiday

Where is this babe going, with his cute suitcase?
Somewhere with me...
Somewhere with a view
Somewhere with a dandelion fountain
And colouring crayons
To go with amazing garlic bread & pizza
 Somewhere with late night cocktails

And mirrors for pictures.

It's a little thing we do maybe twice a year. We love living with other people but sometimes it is super special to get away, even if it's in your own town. Which is pretty much all I usually have time for, what with the theatre being on 6 nights a week. Having just worked 2 x 64hr weeks in a row, we impromptu decided to see what was happening on wotif.com and book ourselves a night in a little boutique hotel in Potts Point. It's only 2kms from our house, but exploring a different neighbourhood and being a teensy tiny bit (read: a lot) decadent for 24hrs makes time slow down and is very refreshing.

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