Tuesday, June 15

Drooling over...

Okay check out this bag. How amazing?! I want one for my bike. The bike I havn't got yet. The one that is pale green and skinny and fast and old school. With white rims. You know the one? The one with this bag attached to the frame. My imaginary bike of love and dreamy goodness... *zones out...*
I'm back. And ready for a cup of tea. From this tea pot, and this mug! With a knitted cosy!!! Beauty itself!
 And so as not to mark the table upon which my tea cup rests... I think I may need these:
About that table, I might get more specific... I want this one, but it's from design sponge:


  1. Hey, thanks for featuring my coasters!
    The web may be world wide but it must be pretty small because I think we went to school together! I remember your face :D

  2. ooh I love that bag too. what a perfect satchel for holding thermos and books and other lovely things while you ride. *sigh*. yes.

  3. mmmhmmmm Im right there with ya! *s*


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