Monday, May 17

Surry Hills

I love my 'hood. I love my stripey fence. I love that people line up for 20 minutes to get the baked goods from this place. I do love the baked goods from this place (ginger creme brulee = so right). I love that ferns can grow out of bricks.
Happy Monday to you.


  1. oh yay, happy monday to you :) i needed a little something to get me perked up for the week.. i love your stripey fence too. did you paint it?

  2. Yes we did! I love it so much check it out here.

  3. hey! thats near my hood! we're like, totally neighbours and stuff!

  4. Ha! That's coz all the cool cats live in this area! Little crazy world. I'm going to be peering at all the cute pineapple heads I see down Crown street now! *s*

  5. That bread looks seriously good. I would queue for that bread.
    In other news Happy Monday, hope it wasn't too painful, and congrats on being blogloved xx


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