Thursday, April 29

Things that drive me batty.

This is meant to be a positive blog, but sometimes it's fun to vent. Plus I adore writing lists!
Things that drive me batty:
* Slow internet.
* No matter how hard I try, I always get dirty whenever there is paint within a 10 metre radius of me. Or when I eat honey.
* How the cuffs of long sleeved clothes stretch.
* When someone says "I'm sorry, but..."
* Being cut off, on purpose in traffic = angry cyclist!
* Running late.
* Dirty sinks.
* Two bits of music playing at once. If someone else starts playing music and I can hear it I will turn mine off.
* Un-popped pimples. I neeeeeeeed to squeeze...
* Tooth ache. There is no worse pain.
* Not getting a please or thank you.
* Bad hair days. Sometimes there is just nothing to be done.
* Overpriced milk. Come-on It's MILK!
* If the sound in a movie goes out of sync with the picture.
* Forgetting peoples name - just as they approach. Damn it brain - could there be any worse timing?
* Being ignored.
* Being tickled.
* My fingernails/lack thereof. Always dirty. Always chewed. Always wonky. How do other people have nice nails??? 

What gets your goat? (now where on earth did that expression originate from??)


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