Tuesday, April 27

ink calander

How cool is this. Shame it's not available for my kitchen wall.... It comes in a different coloured ink for each month of the year. Designed by Oscar Diaz. And isn't that just a great name?

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  1. That is pretty cool! How does it work - clearly science is not my forte? Would love to have one, too.

  2. Wow!, how cool is that, what a brilliant idea!
    That's one to go in the folder of stuff for house I hope to one day own :)

  3. Ahh Estelle, I have one of those folders too! Jane: Im not sure exactly but the paper absorbs it at a certain rate that this geeky art dude has measured. Pretty amazing. *s*

  4. it's delightful to find your blog.
    such interesting & lovely posts.
    this calendar is soooo cool
    & love those heart tea cups below!
    best inspirations to all the days
    on your calendar here!! x


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