Friday, March 5

so looking forward to the weekend.

Tommorrow I have a proper weekend. I am going to sleep in. Eat a hearty cooked breakfast with my beautiful house mates (poached eggs, whole grain toast, butter fried mushrooms and roasted cherry tomatoes, perhaps an avacado and some rocket on the side - you know what I'm saying - YUM!)
Have a coffee date with a dear sweet friend, work hard in our garden, hopefully get some new seeds in the ground - I know it's the wrong time of year but they can hibernate for a bit, right? Then go see two very cool bands do their EP launch. Going out is quite exciting at the moment because I havn't worn any of my nice clothes for 3 months and so instead of feeling uninspired by them all I'm currently quite enthused by my wardrobe. Won't last long though.

These are the bands we will be seeing:


  1. Am loving the first band - great video too!
    The second video won't load for me :(

  2. Sounds ace! Hope you're having an amazing time. I'm all about chilling out with the Saturday Guardian, a cup of tea, some digestives and dinner with the Boy later.. *swoon*


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