Tuesday, January 26

cycling tour day 6.

An early start and some minor repairs needed to my tyres before we left. It was a fairly cruisy 50ks though. Mostly tarmac and fairly flat.
We cycled past the border to Congo and then stopped on the equator line to eat fresh pineapple. The pineapple here is unreal. So. So. Good. Crossing the equator was a cool acheivement. Entering the Queen Elizabeth National Park (QENT) we immediatly saw warthogs, tails sticking up trotting across the road. Also Ugandan Kob and antelope, buffulo and elephant. As we got off the road and onto dirt track a hippo crossed our path. I didnt feel any fear although I contemplated the dangers. I think I am feeling a bit invinceable. We watched it cross and then road fast past it, it gave a fright but ran away from us not towards us thankfully!
At the park we went on the boat safari along the channel between lake edward and lake george.  The birds here are beautiful. Kingfisher, storks, cormerants, geese, eagle, ibis, swallow, spoonbills, pelicans, herons also hippo, buffulo and a lone elephants down enjoying the water in the late afternoon sun.
I am feeling weary but is mostly emotionally so. Aside from aching palms my body feels good and fit. We attempted dinner at the extremely swanky lodge up the road from the hostel we are staying in, but left after a glass of wine and finding out the prices!

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