Tuesday, January 26

cycling tour day 5.

Rest day. Kasese isn't a very interesting town. It is flat and dusty. We watched a solar eclipse this morning though, spent a chunk of time on the internet, had a long phone chat to my parents which was so wonderful, did some bike maintenance, and wandered through the markets... avoiding the meat section. Whole skinned animals are hanging in the open air, and people ask for a bit and the butcher hacks at the carcass until it falls off. It's quite disturbing for vegetarian me and the smell! Eurgh!
We found a great pub that served actual cold beer. Our first properly cold brew since being here. It was heavenly. We played cards and watched hilarious old video hits with Kylie, Michael Bolton and then cool Ugandan pop stuff too. When African pop isnt playing here, its almost gaurenteed to be Celine Dion. It makes us quite embarrased!

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