Tuesday, November 24

tour du paint part 4

The first painting my angel got from an op-shop! It hangs in our living room. I really like it for its vintage-ness.
The second bit of art work is also my angels. They are SO cute! I hung them in our bedroom from the same hook on pieces of twine of different lengths. He has some what of a collection of these little cuties.  The middle one got dropped and so has a chip at the bottom, poor darling. They are all crackly and lovely and old looking. The bottom couple looks like he and me (sort of) too.
The last picture my angel made for me (you see the theme in this installment yes?) He cut the stencil out of a piece of plastic and experimented spray painting it all over the place, but he liked this practice one on cardboard best. It is next to my side of the bed for me to see when he wakes me every morning. Lovely.

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