Friday, November 6

tour du paint part 1.

I am lucky to have a little chunk of artwork in my home, it is something worth collecting I think. Art can hold so many memories.  I thought I would share them here, over a few posts. The photos obviously don't do any of the pieces much justice, but here they are!

These two paintings are by an artist friend of ours, her name is Georgina Hathway. She paints big and bold! The top one is in our living room and takes up a whole wall, we bought this one. The second one is in the dining room and is on loan because George is currently living in London. I love it, and am happy to baby sit it for as long as necessary! People always comment on these painting when they visit us, partly because they are so big, but also I think because there is so much to see in them. I like also that in the first one the girl in the foreground kind of looks like me, even though I know it isn't! I am in another of her paintings though!

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