Sunday, November 8

things to be thankful for 7.

* I cooked a three course meal last night.
* It was deeeeeelicious.
* It was all timed perfectly.
* I didn't freak out, flip out, pass out once!
* My lovely housey and co-dinner-party-conspirator made the house beautiful.
* I go O/S in 3 weeks!!!
* I just got a free lunch.
* My fridge is full of leftovers.
* We get a wonderful new housemate in 2 days. (though I will be sad about the current one leaving too)
* My husband adores me! I can tell because he says so alllllll the time.

I can't do food photography. I try and try and it always looks meh. So this pic is courtesy of the wonderful eat, make, read!


  1. Leftovers are the best!

    I would love to do food photography too...all the recipes on Design*Sponge have such lovely photos. It entices you into the kitchen, I think.

  2. Totally! Lots of blogs Ive read have great pictures of foodI I don't know how they do it. Even when i make it look good on the plate the photos always look yuck or bland. *sigh* must be magic.


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