Thursday, November 26

My place & yours - My collection

I like this weeks subject. I love collecting! I collect vinatage dresses, postcards, ribbons, letters, buttons, teacups, shells,  music. When I was little I collected badges (buttons to a USA person), and sachets of sugar and salt and pepper....a bit random but there it is.
I have two boxes full of postcards. there is no rule to the collection. They are a mix of ones that have been sent to me, and ones I have bought as keep sakes and ones I have bought to send to others but never gotten round to it. Because I moved country when I was 10, postcards were an importnat way of communicating to my friends.

A smile is something special
A ribbon is something rare

So I'll be special and I'll be rare
With a smile and a ribbon in my hair
Patience & Prudence Lyrics! I love this song!
I have long long hair, so ribbons are a must. I have accumulated a lot over time, as my boy gives them to me as gifts and as I rescue them off wrappping paper!

Mmmmm tea cups. mmmmm Earl Grey tea. Lovelyness. A random collection that is slowly but surely growing (perhaps much to the husbands horror!) And conveniently also my button collection which is stored in this GIANT red with white polka dots cup.

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  1. Lovely collections. And that cup and saucer are soooo YELLOW! Gorgeous

  2. I love the collection of buttons in the collection of teacups!

  3. how sweet to get given ribbons for your hair!


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