Friday, November 27

bare footed

I'm a bare feet kind of girl. I like feeling the earth under my toes. Or the floor. Even the unswept floor is prefereable to shoes. In summer I love walking around the streets with out them. I once suffered severe burns on my feet from walking without shoes in Adelaide. In summer it gets very hot...
So yesterday was a nightmare. I was wearing a pair of socks, one of which had lost the elastic in the ankle. One falling down sock is hell. It drove me crazy all day. Why did I choose a profession where it is so important to wear shoes??? I took it as an omen when I found an almost new pair of black (my favourite) Haviana flip flops on a bench. Yes, unshod I am meant to be. Roll on Africa!

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  1. arrrrr falling down socks are PAINFUL! i'm a no shoes kinda gal as well and somehow ended up in a job where enclosed shoes is a requirement... so annoying!


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