Monday, November 24

Bump - 27 weeks

Time is really flying. My maternity leave application is in and this might sound crazy, but baby is on a childcare waiting list for 2016! The car seat is ordered, the rest of the house is getting a thorough going over and the dreaded pram research has begun!

Kicks and movement are so incredible it really feels like a real person in there now and I'm starting to get super excited about meeting this person. Pregnancy is such a thrill and something I've been looking forward to for years and it's all a little surreal too, so it's only just really dawning on us that there's an amazing person we get to meet at the end of it! I had a good midwife appointment this last week and we heard babies beautiful heartbeat and we've been thinking through a loose birth plan too.

The light was so beautiful this morning we decided to change up our photo location and get a silhouette shot, and Lola decided to cooperate this time too.

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  1. What absolutely divine photos! Wow childcare waiting lists already, that is intense. xxx


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