Monday, December 23

Do you hear that?

Rain! Finally! Oh... and radio silence from me. We've finally jumped into Christmas here and will be doing a fair bit of travelling over the next 2 weeks (3 states to be precise!). So probably more quiet from me is to be expected. But here are a couple more flower arrangements I've done recently, and hopefully I find my blogging mojo again in the New Year. Merry Christmas lovely readers.

 Sunflower, allium, onion, elderflower, fennel, artichoke, succulents, borage and queen annes lace all from my garden.
Lilly, eucalyptus, lavender, bottlebrush from a friends garden (who lets me pick his flowers and put flower arrangements in his house!) sadly only captured on an iphone.

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  1. A belated merry Christmas to you! Lovely bouquets you've got growing in your garden!


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