Saturday, November 9

Things to be Thankful for*

* That movie I made... It's on the big screen! Please go see it if it comes to near you (then I might get paid! weee!). So amazing seeing my name in the credits!
* Meeting new talented people in this country town. This lovely lady did my makeup for the movie premier! Pretty fun!
* How spunky my hubby is. (shallow but true!)
* My hubby is sweet enough to paint my toenails for me and learn how to use a hair curler so he can do the bits of my head I cant reach.
* Quieter days at work now that students have finished.
* Friends who go out of their way to help a girl with not many girly things out!!! (thanks Nic for the dress thanks Claire for the shoes and hair curlers!)
* Tim's thesis is almost done! 2 weeks baby!
* Broad beans for DAYS. So many Broad Beans!

{A little photo journey of our red carpet day! Hair curlers ready, nail polish, VIP passes, frock from a friend, before and after makeup, me and my date!}


  1. haha, you two make me smile so much (well actually, Tim makes me laugh ;D ) You look super spunky, the movie looks like it's going great guns! and I've just been reminded that I haven't actually seen you guys for a very long time... gotta remedy that x

  2. He's waaay spunky (AND he paints toes - perfecto!).

    It's been so long since I popped over for a visit and it's lovely to see such gorgeous photos of you, Soph.

    I am going to see that movie!!!!! x


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