Saturday, November 30

Things to be Thankful for: this space.


I just checked my blog stats for the first time in a year. They're not what they used to be. But you know what - I think I've really come a long way and let go. I used to care so so much about building readership. I wanted to be A Cup Of Jo, you know? But holy crap! I am not A Cup Of Jo! And that's okay. It's been so good blogging when I feel like it, rather than feeling obliged, and you know... I'm still here so thats good right?
I mean to say: thanks for coming along for the ride. And I'm thankful to have this space. I met another blogger in person the other day *hi Plain Jane!* It was so lovely to meet someone who I didn't know who reads my blog. It was kinda encouraging.
It's funny how you almost seem to keep up with your peers in the blogging world. All those blogs I've been reading for years now are like old friends. Even a Cup of Jo is totally like an old friend. She posted a video with her speaking and I was actually surprised at how American she sounded (der!) in my mind she has an Aussie voice. Stupid but true. Many that I read have gone the same way of not posting on the dot every day. Many have gone huuuuuuge too. Many have finished it. I feel pretty good for now. Just pottering along.
Anyway all this to say: haven't we come a long way little blog? Haven't we come a long way! So much so that I even missed our 4 year blogiversary in September. Never fear. I'm sure I ate cake at some point that month.

{North Wagga Skies - I love it here}


  1. It was a bit surreal for me when I met you Sophie. That's the first time I've ever spoken up like I did and was a bit amazed when it was you I was speaking of! Blogging has brought us together. Fellow bloggers do feel like 'friends' even if you have never met IRL. I have one close blogging friend who lives in the US and we communicate almost daily and I'm sure I'll be shocked the first time I hear her accent. She seems so much like us Aussie's I can't imagine her having an American accent. This is my seventh year blogging and I have slowed down too, I just write when I want to and I don't check my readership stats these days, I just blog because I want to not for anyone else in particular and I'm happy doing that for now. I love your garden updates, you are growing so many old fashioned things that I love, your garden is very special. I hope to see you again one day. Maybe at the Ganmain Twilight Markets next Saturday?

    1. haha Lisa! Not sure if Sophie's coming (are you???) but I am!! In all my tractorgirl glory :D :D :D

      So I'll finally get to meet you IRL too!!! Cheers, J

  2. I like the potential suprise of a new blog post and the little insights into life down under!! xxx


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