Monday, November 25

Christmas gifts for the shopping haters...

Ahhh Christmas you old sausage! Here you come again, putting butterflies into children's (young and old) stomachs and stressing out the shopping haters! I am a self diagnosed shopping hater but this year - this year I am winning! With the exception of making some yummy trinkets, I am well ahead on the old Christmas shopping game! Even organised enough to order online! I'm not completely smug though - no christmas cake or pudding has been made to rest easy for a month and whilst I bought christmas cards - who knows if they will actually make it into the post box or not...
In light of my not too smug but just a little bit smug, smugness I am bestowing upon you some gift ideas (yes joining the hoards and masses of other bloggers that do this!). Some things that you can not go wrong with:*

Candles? What woman do you know who would turn her nose up at a nice smelly candle in a pretty jar?  This is a nice one, it's Australian made and it's all Christmasy too.

Gah! Stripey cups and straws and cuteness! For the party throwing, wedding blog reading woman in your life. Who doesn't smile when presented with a striped straw? Plus they are biodegradable. Winner.

Last year we received a whole bunch of Christmas decorations - and seeing as it was our "first-proper-Christmas-tree-in-our-very-own-house" it was flipping perfect! These are hand made in Oz and super sweet.

Other presents I have received and loved: games! We have received Cluedo (these old ones are great if you can find them vintage!), Creationary and our most favourite: Bananagrams.

* I have no proof of this.

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