Monday, September 30

Homegrown Bouquet

Nothing like taking a bottle of wine and a homegrown bouquet to a friends place for dinner.
Dusty miller, fennel fronds, ranunculus, sweet pea, freesia, queen annes lace and something from my neighbours garden which I don't know the name of!
*EDIT* Robusta is my missing plant name! (Thanks mum!)


  1. wow such a lovely bouquet! I have snap dragons, marigolds and African daisies in my garden, but they are all very tiny so no posies for me just yet! Maybe a boutonniere?

    1. A boutonniere sounds adorable! I've never had flowers like this before - it's such a treat! *s*

  2. Beautiful! Such a lovely bouquet to take to dinner ... I wish my garden produced similar results. :)


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