Sunday, June 16

Things to be Thankful for*

* CAKE! All the cake!
* I'm off to the big smoke for work for a week - and I'm staying in my old hood!
* Encouraging comments I've heard about this (slightly neglected) space. Thank you - you're keeping me going at the moment.
* The beautiful sunshine this weekend - I know it sounds kinda lame but there's nothing like a sunny winters day, and to be outside in it!
* The rain and the green it brings.
* The support we have received over my husbands *big* announcement.
* Forestry commission trees. We bought 6 medium trees yesterday for around a hundred bucks. Win!
* New music for my b'day. I love these guys.
* How much my husband and dog make me laugh.
* Students making an improved effort on assignments! Yay!

{Birthday cake I made for a friend, he and me, rainy day, new garden bed and trees}

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  1. Sophie, that cake looks gorgeous! Congratulations on Tim's news, very exciting.
    Lisa :)

  2. Sunny winter days are THE BEST. you two look very cute in the picture x


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