Wednesday, June 5

Garden Update: Autumn 2013

Daylight is spent inside an office and I have a measly hour at most to be in my garden when I get home. The weekends though. On the weekends we go garden crazy.
We had the privet felled. It is a nasty (and ugly) weed of a tree and we have much grander tree plans for this place. Snow pear, maple, macrocarpa, silver birch, liquid amber and hmmm a walnut - or a pecan? With an understory of blueberry bushes and lemon verbana. They're all tiny - for now - but they'll go in the ground this winter and one day we will have our own tree corridor!
My bulbs are coming up (squeee!) and the cosmos have only just finished giving. My favourite rambling rose Pierre de Ronsard (I just like saying it in a silly French accent mostly) has gone into the ground.
The raspberries are finishing up, we ate the last of our homegrown potatoes and zuccinis (more of those next year) and finally the chillies (7 kilos grown!) are over - thank goodness! Lifetimes supply much?!

In goes the frost protection for our sensitive baby Australian natives and up comes: corriander, broad beans, onions, garlic, lettuce, pak choy, peas, broccolli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts and the navel oranges are so so close! Winter is surprisingly plentiful.

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