Tuesday, May 7

Little Blue House Tour: Bedroom

Our bedroom - as finished as it gets for now... still to come: New bedside tables, a frame for our gladiator girl, a bedhead??? this armchair (in my dreams!) and more art for the walls...
What should I do for a bedhead? Should I block mount or frame our gladiator girl poster? Should there be more colour? Why is this room so much harder?

Everything is found/made/vintage/a gift except:

Bed Frame: Greg Hatton custom made for me
White Chest of drawers & bedding - Ikea
Bedside lamps - Officeworks

See our living room...
See our kitchen...


  1. I'd probably add more color to play off of that awesome quilt! That Gladiator picture is awesome!

  2. I've just found your blog via Julie Gibbons from Tractor Girl, she is my sisters neighbour. I love your little blue house and all that you have done with it. Your bedroom looks serene and restful. I have added you to my blog list so I can follow your happenings, love everything I've seen already. I have a shop in Coolamon with my sister and I think you might like it too! Kindrawares on FB or come out and see us at 96a Cowabbie Street, next to Vinnies. I'll be there on Friday and Saturday, love to meet you Sophie.


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