Thursday, April 18

In a country garden...

On our mini break to Griffith I decided to bring out my inner nana and made us an appointment to visit an open garden. I've never done this before - but I saw it in the "visit Griffith" brochure and thought you gotta try everything once huh?! Tim obligingly agreed.
The lovely Joy was quite surprised to see two young 'uns walking down her front path I think. Her and her husband Bruno (with a watering system to die for!) gave us almost 2 hours of their time, walking us through their beautiful 1/2 acre garden. I wrote down names of roses and flowers I loved, we had some new ideas about veggie gardens and watering systems. Heaps of tips on pruning trees, and climbers and really were just totally in awe with their love for each other and their shared passion of the garden. In essence they where completely cute (Im sure older folk probably hate being called that...) and just like how I want to be when I'm that grown up!
Though their garden style is quite different to mine (I like a "full to the brim" approach in a garden.) it was so wonderful and something we both agreed is worth doing again.
How great are these flowers?!

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