Tuesday, March 5


* On the weekend hubby and I helped make a movie. He was in it - I crewed it. It's a short, and should hopefully make it into a few competitions/festivals. The best bit was the awesome locations we shot in. The stunning Sugar Pines plantation and the old Mountain Maid Factory, now abandoned and derelict. So. Cool.

* My roses are having their second flush and my bulbs arrived. I need to get digging! I've pruned the fruit tree's - it's a delicate art trying to work out just where to snip so that down the track when they are big they have a lovely tree shape.

* We've made sweet chili sauce from the garden, frozen bags of pesto in preparation for winter when all our basil is gone, and found just enough figs on our local "public" fig tree to make one large jar of jam.

* Students are back - I've gotta get my teacher hat on again.
* Lola got a new bucket. She now weighs almost double what she did when we first got her a year ago.

* I was on Design Sponge!! Eeeeeee!


  1. hey! you said you'd tell us when the public fig tree was bearing fruit ;)

  2. Just found your gorgeous blog and so glad I did. I like making movies too. xxx

  3. WHAT an amazing forest Sophie! It's beautiful, and so huge. Where is that? (Was the Mountain Maid cannery near Young somewhere?) Can't wait to see your kooky film, I'm sure it will be fun. J x


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