Friday, February 22

Link Love for Friday*

I am so looking forward to this weekend. It's the first weekend in quite a while where we havn't had to be anywhere or have some big event on. It's also the first weekend in my new *full time* job where it's a Friday and I can say: wow, this weekend is all mine. I can leave work behind, and I don't have to travel anywhere. I am so looking forward to it. It's somewhat of a novelty to me still this sacred weekend thing. I've always had jobs where I work on weekends before. This is truley my first nine to five, five days a week job.
We, of course, still have lots of plans for the weekend. One day of solid painting is on the cards for the two of us, a date night (having to reintroduce these because of our new lifestyle), pesto and chilli jam making to use up our surpluses, and breakfast with friends. I am mostly looking forward to one giant lie in though. A cup of tea and a book in bed. Snuggling with ,y boy and my puppy and pottering.
What about you?

And here are a few links - I didn't have time to acquire as many as usual this week....

* Reading, writing, arithmetic and arts....
* Check out this model! Fabulouso!
* Lego bridge!
* Ikea hacks.
* Vegetarian main dishes!
* And for desert...

{Image is a wee sneak peak of a lighting design I jetted down to Melbourne to do this week}


  1. Super cool lighting design!:) I think it's great that you are thankful for and appreciate your down time, weekends are for living!!!:)

  2. I truly love that I don't work on the weekends... I love working a day job Monday to Friday... I just got that close to 5 years ago. I don't mind having plans on the weekend but I love to have one day that I can just lay in bed, reading and relaxing... it rejuvenates me:)

  3. Lighting design looks awesome, what is it for?? those looks crazy.


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