Sunday, November 4

Things to be Thankful For*

* We have just found out that the levee bank around North Wagga is going up up up! High enough to protect us from the last flood and the even bigger one that happened before that! Basically - it makes us very very safe. It means we could live here for a long time. It means our house isn't completely worthless any more and our insurance shouldn't sky rocket too much. Such a flippin' relief.
* A weekend adventure in Batlow with friends.
* My new lappy. Tim got me a macbook pro It's so speedy!
* Sunshine! It feels summery!
* My first little ad over here...
* My marking and big scary job application are done.
* Rose and flowers everywhere.
* Even though it's turning brown where I live, I don't have to travel far for green hills.
* This lady showed me, (and maybe the whole pinternet?) how to make pad thai. I've changed it up a bit - and I'll share that with you soon. Now the lack of good thai food in Wagga is solved! Huzzah!

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{Photos of flowers in Batlow - more pics to come...}


  1. I'm not a fan of heat and summer but will admit that I'm also loving the extra sunshine at the moment, along with all the blooms.

  2. That's great news about the levee. You will sleep better, I think.

    Your ad looks great over there and I'm going to tackle that pad thai for sure!

    Happy days, Sophie. x

  3. hello! so I tried the pad thai recipe and it was awesome, thank you :) I took the leftovers to work and ended up printing the recipe for two other girls, it smelt too good. awesome awesome news about the levee too x


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