Sunday, November 11


Wow. What a weekend.
I've been to the Most. Beautiful. Wedding. Ever. EVER. Look at those flowers. Look at that adorable couple! Seeing two people to be so over the moon in love is just the best. I sobbed through the whole ceremony I was so happy. I know. I'm ridiculous.
Annnnd I'm production managing the film - which starts shooting - tomorrow! Oh my. I have a guest post or two lined up - and I hope to be able to check in here again soon... there's plenty to share, exciting things are finally happening at the little blue house - and my garden!! My Garden!!! Look: I have poppy's! I was so happy I gave them a hug!


  1. Love these photos Sophie. Those smiles!

  2. that picture of the couple is so cute. And those flowers... swoon.. I'm a pretty big sucker for peonies! x


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