Wednesday, October 31

Fun & Games

Our friends just gave us this game! We are hooked! You have to make your own crossword basically, and race to be the first to use up all your letters. I love finding words in jumbled up letters (my super power is the 'Target' in the newspaper - yes that totally counts as a sup power!) and it's the kind of game where you have no idea who is going to win until the last minute.
Does anyone else play board games much? We play Mah Jong and scrabble in my house.

Oh and this isn't a sponsored post! I wish it was! Bananagram dudes - wanna send me ten of these games to giveaway??!


  1. I'll have to look out for that one. My husband and daughter are unnaturally good at anagrams and excel at scrabble, upwords, and boggle and I never ever win! We have a cupboard full of games - our latest fave is perudo, do you know it? It's a dice game.

    1. Ohh no I don't know that one! We're just starting to collect a few games.


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